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Easy Application & Removal – Simply clean your nails, pick the sticker size closest to your nails, file/ stretch them to shape, and cure under UV lamp to apply! Peel off to remove.
Safe, Vegan & Cruelty-Free – We do not use harsh ingredients and do not test on animals/ use any animal derivatives. Our stickers also have no odor and removal does not require soak-off!
Nail wraps in different sizes (can be cut and stretched to fit your nails perfectly) and designs, 3 prep pads, 3 nail file, 3 cuticle stick.

How to use

1. Clean your nails.Select the size that fits your nails best, then stretch and file to fit them perfectly.

2. Stick gel nail stickers on your nails and press firmly on the finger edges with the wooden stick.

3. Trim excess parts with the rough side of nail file.

4. Cure gel nails for one or two minutes under UV LED light.


1. Please use the gel nail wraps immediately after opening the black film container.

2. Leftover gel nail wraps can be stored and sealed in the black film container.


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Glittery greenish blue with light pink & off white color

Product description

It is environmentally protection, non-toxic, odorless, and will not hurt your hands. You can choose the most suitable false nail for yourself ,it is easy to trim and file them to in any length and shape you like.

Perfect gift: Cute fake nails suitable for various social occasions great for nails salon ,DIY home nails art. Perfect to be used on wedding ,prom ,dating, any function and they also suitable for Halloween, Christmas ,Valentine’s Day and Marriages, get to gather and other festival. Wonderful as gift for wife,¬† sister, girlfriend, family and friends.

Nails Using tips:

1. Cut, file and shape your own nails.

2. Clean your own nail.

3. Select the proper tip by matching the width of your natural nail.

4. Select glue sheet and peel off.

5. Align and shape the tip.

(No liquid glue needed. Jelly glue sheet included)


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